Branding & Visual Identity

This is at the core of how I can help improve your business through design. A strong brand clearly defines your company and your values to your customers. A cohesive Visual Identity communicates this and really sets you apart from your competitors in a recognisable way.

We don't get it just yet – we need to take our brands seriously, but also consider where they go beyond aesthetics when building real impactful products.

Getting it right can transform the potential of your business or organisation, improve how you are perceived by your customers, increase demand for your products or services and ultimately improve your bottom line. 

Branding & Identity skills:

  • Establish naming of your product or service, if required.

  • Branding and Visual Identity that engages and communicates your unique business personality.

  • Create the elements that define your brand – logos, colour palette, typography and font choice,
    imagery and tone of voice.

  • Brand guidelines to help keep your marketing consistent.

  • Apply your branding (new or existing) in a creative, engaging and appropriate way to all of your communications - online or physical .

    Packaging & Labels

    How a product looks can have a massive impact on the likelihood of someone choosing yours over your competitor’s.  From form and materials, to the design and finishes of the labelling and graphics, I have worked with a number of businesses, including brewers and food producers, to get their product to stand out in store.

    Packaging & Label skills:

    • Experienced in creating packaging for the food & drink sector.

    • Concepts & visuals through to final production artwork and print specifications.

    • Experienced in paper and specialist print finishing techniques such as foiling and spot UV.

    • Packshots and supporting PoS graphics to show your product at its best.

      Leaflets, brochures, stationery…

      Print is far from dead!  An ever-important part of your marketing mix, print is a tactile, tangible medium to communicate to your customers in a way that you just can't achieve online. I have a huge amount of experience in designing for print, from striking layouts to the clearest typography, or using interesting formats to bespoke finishes – it's amazing how versatile print really is.

      Design for print skills:

      • Flyers, posters, brochures, magazines or newsletters… the most suitable format for the task.

      • Full creative design service from initial concepts and format through to print-ready artwork files .

      • Print liaison – Litho or digital, pagination planning, print & paper stock specification and costings
        to make the best use of your budget.

      • Creative direction / sourcing of photography or illustration as required.

      • Design templates for in-house production.

        Signage, Wayfinding & Display

        Large scale graphics can make a huge impression – so make sure yours look the business!  Whether it's an entrance sign, or a stand at an important trade fair, it's a perfect way to get your branding to stand out from the rest and make a great first impression. 

        Wayfinding signage is also critical to guiding visitors around your site. My skills in typography, material selection and structural design have delivered signage that is both good looking, effective and durable.

        Signage & display design skills:

        • Striking and effective graphics for economical off-the-shelf pop-up or pull-up display systems.

        • Bespoke signs, displays or wayfinding, from creative concept through to final artwork and production spec.

        • Application of branding to workplaces, including large scale 'supergraphic' walls.

          Advertising & Promotion

          Getting your company, product or service noticed is often key to your success. But everyone out there is trying to shout louder too. That's where a creative approach comes in.  I have a wealth of experience in getting things noticed, for the right reasons – whether it's a local press advert for a small business, promotional campaign for a world-leading brand, or a striking Point of Sale presence.

          Advertising & Promotion skills: 

          • Creative concept through to final execution – for print or online.

          • Creative copywriting of headlines and product/service offering.

          • Creative direction / sourcing of photography or illustration as required - I'm experienced in
            working closely with specialist freelance image-makers.

          • Creating a campaign theme for use across multiple channels.