Android App Development

Let ‘Green Robot’ bring success for  Android application development services

An Android app with a killer UI/UX design and a seamless performance across various devices offers your business an assurance of success as you can address a huge audience. As a top Android app development company in INDIA, Solution Analysts offers 360-degree app solutions. We serve startups, SMEs, and big enterprises with high-quality Android apps that efficiently meet diverse requirements since inception. Our client-focused and result-oriented Android app development process has enabled us to deliver enterprise-grade app solutions across various industry verticals including: Online retail; Healthcare; Government & Civil Service (Governmental); Internet services; Financial Services (Financial)/ Insurance sector; Real Estate; Technology / App industries; Fashion Industry ; Industrial sectors such 'Sale' + 'Buy'; Automotive – both internal or external manufacturing by major OEM companies via our service providers for free at premium rates*. "With the increasing demand from customers looking forward towards mobile applications on their smartphones today, there are more opportunities than ever before," says CEO Ashish Sundar. This is why we have focused exclusively upon providing innovative quality software engineering resources through over 20 years experience delivering professional technical support products like Quality.

Our systematic approach to building customized Android apps enables you to improve the operational efficiencies while offering you a competitive advantage. Thorough research of the client’s business requirements, time-tested methodology, deep research on market trends, and use of cutting-edge tools are our mainstays. All you get is a feature-rich and futuristic Android app in a cost-effective way. "Android Apps: Getting started With Google Play's platform offers unique advantages because it lets your team develop real applications for consumers with different devices

Our Android Application Development Services include:

  • Android Tablet App Development
  • Virtual Reality App Development
  • Android Wear App Development
  • Android Phone App Development
  • Hybrid App Development using PhoneGap and Ionic
  • Android OS Customization
  • Android App Redesign
  • Android App Support and Maintenance

Technologies Used for Android App Development

  • Android SDK
  • Google’s Alpha Beta testing for app testing

Why Solution Analysts for Android App Development Services

  • development-services1Responsive applications with a quick development process
  • development-services2Follows Android application development best practices
  • development-services3Intensive QA testing
  • development-services4Well-established Infrastructure for mobile app development
  • development-services5End-to-end solutions from development to deployment
  • development-services7Certified and experienced Android app developers
  • development-services8Covers all categories of Play Store for developing apps
  • development-services9100+ apps developed across various genres

We can transform your app idea into a reality on the Android platform to enable you to achieve the success you had envisioned! Our Android apps are crafted with the utmost care and attention to both technical and aesthetic aspects to attract both tech-savvy and non-technical persons alike. Development of exceptional quality Android apps with a pleasant user experience has made us one of the best Android app development companies in India. We have achieved our goal so far, which is an amazing achievement for such a small company!" It should be noted that any requests regarding future updates or bug fixes will be sent directly via mobile support number +919311444272 as well (from 9am) until November 25th. Please remember not all issues addressed through email may require manual action because they could contain security related features found only within their respective products.