Why Choose Straight North For Your Google AdWords Campaign Management

Expertise: A Certified Google Partner

Our in-house, full-time PPC specialists have successfully completed Google’s certification requirements. This gives us a thorough understanding of a very complex and constantly changing advertising platform. In addition, we have design and copywriting pros to produce high-impact ads and dynamic pay-per-click landing pages.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Because of our close relationship with Google, we are first to be briefed on product updates, new research and upcoming training events. This enables us to keep your campaign innovative, one step ahead of the competition.

Stability & Continuity

Google Partners not only have to have fully trained account managers, the agencies themselves must also be solid. We are. With a large, full-time staff and strong track record in multiple Internet marketing disciplines, we are an agency you can rely on for as long as your AdWords campaign runs.

AdWords Campaign Management – Added Value

In addition to our status as a Google Partner, here are several other reasons why you should consider us for your Google AdWords campaign management.

  • Lead Tracking, Validation & Reporting. We are the only Internet marketing agency that tracks, validates and reports leads in real time through an online dashboard. Our in-house staff listens to every phone call and reads every form submission, separates true sales leads from non-leads, and displays both through an online dashboard where you can review them at your convenience.
  • Better Lead Follow-up. Because you can review leads in real time, you can act on them while they are still fresh. This can make the difference between closing the sale and losing an opportunity forever.
  • Precise Campaign ROI Calculations. Because we separate sales leads from everything else (e.g., misdials, job inquiries, personal calls), you can determine exactly how many leads your campaign generates.

An additional benefit of our AdWords management process is rapid, continuous campaign improvement. The validated sales lead data we display through the online dashboard helps us make significant improvements to your campaign on the fly. Our system also enables you to improve your internal sales process. On the online dashboard, you can listen to every phone call, from beginning through completion of the call. Clients tell us that listening to these calls helps them route calls more professionally and fine-tune their sales messaging.

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